Info / Fees

Where Do We Practice?

We practice at Rockway Mennonite Collegiate every Wednesday from 7-9pm. Watch the announcements page for any changes to dates (because of the school's events)

Fees & Dues Breakdown:

  • $100 per session (3 per year) to cover rentals, league insurance and expenses
  • Insurance (see below) is mandatory for all skaters ($55/year).
    • LOCO Roller Derby League and its members are insured through the Canadian Roller Derby insurance (CRDi)


  • If you come to try a skate, you can sign a waiver which allows you to skate for the first 14 days without insurance. After that, it is MANDATORY if you put skates on. Ask your skater rep for the form to fill out.
  • CRDi insurance (mandatory is $55/year)
    • Trial 3 month insurance is $30 (which can be upgraded to full insurance)
    • Buy your insurance online here.