Your Derby Name

Roller Derby Name & Number:

You don't need to have one to play, but it's probably something you're already thinking about... your Roller Derby Name & Persona! Fun as it is to pick a name, once you pick one, it'll be what we call you for a long time, so choose wisely!

Our friends at have a great website that gives you hints on picking a great derby name.

You can start thinking of a name & number at any time, and can also check these registries to see if anyone else has the name you have chosen:


  • Numbers are mandatory.
  • You cannot have a number that is already used by another member of the team.
  • Numbers can be up to four digits and can only contain numbers. Longer numbers may be harder to hear in the heat of a game.
  • Also, the number 1 (by itself) has been unofficially retired by all roller derby teams (in honour of a 1930s roller derby team that perished in a bus accident).